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The problem on building the output mechanism for the intellectual information system designed for decision-making on the technological control of combines in the field is considered. The domain of the agricultural machines operation is briefly analyzed. The domain objects are complex hierarchical multilevel systems affected by the ever changing external factors. It determines complexity and multiplicity of the mathematical approaches to the output mechanism formation, and lack of the uniform formal logic approach to the optimal decision-making strategy construction. It is shown that under the conditions of lots of possible factors causing deviation of complex machinery performance indices whose probabilities are unknown or are estimated by experts, and when a dynamic response is required, it is expedient to use a game-theory approach to the selection of the optimal behavior strategy based on the analysis of the information system knowledgebase. The concepts of the performance factor matrix, and the matrix of ineffective decision-making risks are introduced. The concepts allow using the criterion-based approach to the optimal decision-making. An example of selecting the strategy of appropriate response for eliminating the cause of trouble in the harvesting workflow is given. The selection of the optimal strategy for eliminating the process quality indices deviation based on Laplace and Savage criteria used for decision-making in the “games with nature” is considered. A model example is used to illustrate the one-step procedure for decision-making under uncertainty with the application of the specified criteria. The obtained results are analyzed. Both the scope of the proposed approach and the conditions under which it can be applied are discussed.

About the Authors

Lyudmila Victorovna Borisova
Don State Technical University. Russia
Russian Federation

Inna Nikolayevna Nurutdinova
Don State Technical University. Russia
Russian Federation

Valery Petrovich Dimitrov
Don State Technical University. Russia
Russian Federation


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For citations:

Borisova L.V., Nurutdinova I.N., Dimitrov V.P. ON GAME-THEORY APPROACH TO PROCESS MACHINE ADJUSTMENT PROBLEMS. Vestnik of Don State Technical University. 2013;13(5-6):68-76. (In Russ.)

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